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Paddlesports Leadership Course

This course is for any member of the Fairbanks Paddlers who would like to plan personal or club paddle trips and will provide opportunities to build skills, knowledge, and judgement to safely choose, plan and lead trips. We will also learn strategies to provide support, knowledge and leadership to other paddlers. Discussions and scenarios will encourage participants to share their knowledge and skills with the group.

Though there is an on water session, this is not a paddling skills course.

Participants will be required to sign a waiver and meet the participation requirements of the Alaska Canoe School and the American Canoe Association.

Date:                05/19/2023  7:00 pm to 9:00 pm dry land session

05/20/2023 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on water session

Location:         Flat Water venue  TBD

Class Size:       12 participants maximum

Cost:                 $25.00 for Fairbanks Paddlers Club members

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Paddlesports Leadership Course


Build your trip leading skills on June 18th, 2022. For Fairbanks Paddlers members only.

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This course is for any member of the Fairbanks Paddlers who plans and organizes paddle trips, or who would like to do so.

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May 19 - 20 2023




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